The 5 most overrated things from my travels so far…

Don’t hate me but…

1. Manhattan

Controversial, I know, but as a fleeting tourist, the core of the Big Apple just doesn’t do anything for me (Paris coming a close second). It’s one of those places you’ve got to go just because, but let’s be honest; much of it is the same as any other big city in the world.

Bland architecture (with a few notable exceptions), shit public transport, endless queues for literally everything, it’s crazy expensive, and everyone seems pissed off (probably because public transport is shit, there are endless queues for everything, and it’s crazy expensive). Maybe I’m biased, but every time I’m there I’d kinda just rather be in London.

Despite my disdain for the place, I seem to have been quite a few times and I’ll admit, last time I hung out with my brother in NYC it was fun, but I’ll put that down to the company more than the city itself.

The skyline is pretty epic, but head a bit further out to Brooklyn Heights for the money shot (and just a generally nicer experience). Tick it off your bucket list, by all means, but I probably won’t be going back. Although I said that last time…

2. Dragon fruit

Looks great, tastes meh. By far the greatest alimentary disappointment of my travels.

3. James Bond Island

From the pictures it looks insane – flawless beaches and undisturbed turquoise waters – there was a reason it was the setting for a Hollywood blockbuster. I should have known that somewhere so iconic would have tourists flocking like seagulls round a discarded ice cream cone. Unless you can somehow get there super early, before everyone else shows up with their tripods and comedy poses and stressed-out, shouty guides, I’d recommend saving your money and skipping this.

4. Angkor Wat

I wrote about my trip to Angkor Wat fairly recently. I went at sunrise and it was beautiful. But it didn’t change my life or blow my mind like I (perhaps optimistically) expected it might. Perhaps I’m being harsh; maybe I was just a bit templed-out by the time I reached Cambodia…

5. Google Maps

I have a love/hate relationship with Google Maps. 9 times out of 10, it saves my life, but that ‘1’, is always the time I need it most. Lost and knackered in the labyrinth-like medina in Marrakech as the sun was rapidly setting, nobody willingly giving me directions, Google Maps (or any map – turns out my printed one didn’t go into anywhere near enough detail) I’d have paid good money (had I not been rinsed by a dude in a carpet shop) for Google Maps. But could I get it to work? Not. A. Chance.

So what do you reckon? Am I totally off the mark? Or do you secretly agree with me? Let me know what you think below.


3 thoughts on “The 5 most overrated things from my travels so far…

  1. Google Maps is a true liability at times – I remember one summer in Montpellier when my family had parked in an underground car park which Google Maps didn’t appear to know about . . . so it just kept sending us round and round in circles, until we figured out how to get there for ourselves! I really liked Manhattan when I visited two summers ago, so while I agree that most North American cities are fairly dense in skyscrapers, I really liked wandering the different neighbourhoods and around Central Park. I did a lot of the tourist trail on my first visit, so were I to return I’d love to venture out and see what the other boroughs have to offer.

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