Chiang Mai pt. 2

I’d like to say there was some great tale or logic behind this post, but these are basically the pictures I didn’t like enough to put in my first blog about Chiang Mai.

Brace yourself for a lot of temples, fish and flowers.


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I managed to time my trip to coincide with Chiang Mai’s famous flower festival, which happens every first weekend in February. It was one of the few things I knew I actually wanted to do whilst I was away – I’m not sure why as I know bugger all about plants, but it looked pretty and everyone said it was a must-see.

It took me a few attempts to find it (the back streets of the city all look remarkably similar at night, although I did end up discovering my fave restaurant EVER in the process), but it was worth the walk and the inner rage when my map lied and GPS failed me.

The streets round Suan Buak Haad city park had been cordoned off to allow the thousands of visitors to wander along past extravagant floral displays, competition entries, decorated elephant statues, and incredible floats, which had been part of the parade the day before.

Despite it being crazy busy, the park itself was immaculate,  with more elephants, displays, and sculptures. I spent a fair bit of time there, partially because the flowers were cool, and partially because there was shade and free wifi…

Anyway, it’s fair to say Chiang Mai lived up to its nickname ‘The Rose of the North’. I want to go back 😦


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