I like… Phi Phi Sunset Bay Resort

The best way to travel between Phuket and Krabi is by ferry – it might not be the quickest means of getting from A to B, but it’s dirt cheap, super simple, and the black and green islands jutting out of turquoise water make some seriously stunning views. Sit up on the top deck, catch… Continue reading I like… Phi Phi Sunset Bay Resort

11 unfortunate events that have happened to me on my travels so far.

Travel accounts always make everything look so perfect, so simple. Beautiful people in beautiful hotel rooms by beautiful beaches eating beautiful food. But I’ve quickly discovered this is all bollocks, and as wonderful, exciting, and life-changing as travelling is, it also comes with its difficulties. Things will go wrong, mistakes will be made, you’ll make… Continue reading 11 unfortunate events that have happened to me on my travels so far.

Tonle Sap – Cambodia’s Great Lake

On my final full day in Cambodia, I took a trip to Tonle Sap, a freshwater lake, not far from Siem Reap. If you don’t want to hear me ramble on (and it’s a rambling one today), scroll down for the gallery. After being picked up from my hostel and managing not to freak out… Continue reading Tonle Sap – Cambodia’s Great Lake

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Having not planned anything before I landed in Bangkok, and, to be honest, being pretty clueless about the majority of things to do whilst there – I decided an excursion might be a good idea, so as to make sure I actually got out and learnt something. Sure, they can be hit and miss, but… Continue reading Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Heading to Bangkok

When I first told be people I was going to Bangkok, I got a mixed reaction. Those who hadn’t been thought it was cool, and seemed excited by the prospect. Those who had, generally posessed a pretty negative view: “I wasn’t a fan”, “It’s just like any other big city in Asia”, “Well I wouldn’t… Continue reading Heading to Bangkok